New to Impulse or pugs? READ THIS!!!!!!!!

Discuss the pug server Impulse.

New to Impulse or pugs? READ THIS!!!!!!!!

Postby Duo on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:01 pm

Welcome to Impulse server!!!

"Pug" stands for pickup game.

Impulse is a pug server.

"Pub" stands for public game.

Tempest is a pub server.

The difference is that in pubs, like Tempest, anyone can join as they please and do whatever they want. In pugs, like at Impulse, players may not join as they like, but are rather hand-picked by captains. This results in smaller, but higher-quality games. Pugs emphasize teamwork and strategy, while pubs are more chaotic.

Since teams are hand-picked, most new players will probably not often get picked for a team if there are enough experienced players. However, the more you improve, the better your chances of getting picked are. Speccing good players and copying what they do is one of the best ways to improve your skill. Another great way is to be in Ventrilo ( while we play so you can hear us strategize and understand the teamwork we yews. Lastly, you can always Xfire the better players and ask for training or tips on improving your game.

Some people tend to be scared off from pugging for fear of messing up and getting yelled at. While this is indeed somewhat true, the more you work at improving, the fewer mistakes you will make and the more you will be thought of as a good player.

The best way to hear about pugs happening and get invited is Xfire (

Impulse IP:
Impulse password: pugtime
Ventrilo IP:
Ventrilo port: 4404

Here are some various threads you should read.

Good luck!

Basic pug information:

Basic info on pugs

Pug rules:


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Enhanced siege mod (bind keys to change classes, automatic demo recording, swoop bug fix, and more)
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